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[Parliamentary speeches.]
In: Bijlagen van het verslag der handelingen van de Tweede Kamer der Staten-Generaal 1881–1882. 74.1.
[’s Gravenhage, Algemeene Landsdrukkerij s.a.], pp. 19–23, 36–38.
Published in parts.
Dated: November 16, 1881.
On the title page: Handelingen der Staten-Generaal. Bijlagen. 1881–1882.
Also included in: 1890.06.

The report of the sessions in committee on April 16, 17, 18, and 20, 1874, was published in supplement 74.1 of the Session Reports of the Second Chamber: Verslag van het behandelde in de vergadering der Tweede Kamer in comité-generaal. (Oorlog met Atjeh) [Report on the matters under discussion in closed session of the Second Chamber. (War with Aceh)]. Kuyper began his political career in the Second Chamber (cf. 1874.03) with the two speeches in this volume. On April 17 Kuyper spoke about the government’s policies on the war in Aceh and declared that he was considering submitting a motion of condemnation (pp. 19–23). When the minister of the colonies thereupon threatened to resign, Kuyper stated in his rejoinder on April 18 that he would provisionally suspend his motion (pp. 36–38).

The war in Aceh was concluded in 1879 and therefore the parliamentary speeches about the war could be made public. The minister of the colonies had been prepared to release the speeches in 1880.