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Ex ungue leonem ofte Dr. Doedes’ methode van symbool-uitlegging op een enkel cardinaal punt getoetst.
Amsterdam, J.H. Kruyt 1882 (Amsterdam, Koninkl. Nederl. Stoomdrukkerij). 69 pp., 24cm.—ƒ0.75.
Run: 550.
Published: February 1882.
Preface dated: Amsterdam, January 26, 1882.
The title (number of copies unknown) was acquired by J.A. Wormser, Amsterdam on January 15, 1887; the remaining copies (156) were put up for auction and were acquired by J.H. Kok, Kampen, on December 12, 1907.
RKB 75.
ET: You may tell the lion by his claws, or Dr. Doedes’ method of symbolic interpretation tested at a single cardinal point.

A reprint of a five-article series from De Heraut, the first four articles of which appeared as “Prof. Doedes’ beweren dat de schepping niet het werk zou zijn van den Drieëenigen God” [Prof. Doedes’ assertion that the creation is not the work of the Triune God] in De Heraut, no. 209, December 25, 1881–no. 212, January 15, 1882. The fifth and concluding article appeared as “Naschrift inzake het verschil met Prof. Doedes” [Postscript regarding the disagreement with Prof. Doedes] in De Heraut, no. 213, January 22, 1882. An article from De Heraut, no. 171, April 3, 1881 was added as an appendix.

Kuyper entered into a polemical exchange with J.I. Doedes (cf. 1867.02) after Doedes published the first volume of his two-volume De Nederlandsche Geloofsbelijdenis en de Heidelbergsche Catechismus, als belijdenisgeschriften der Nederlandsche Hervormde Kerk in de negentiende eeuw, getoetst en beoordeeld (Utrecht: Kemink & Zoon, 1880–1881), a critical analysis of the confessions of the Dutch Reformed Church. Kuyper reviewed the first volume in four articles under the title “Welke Godgeleerdheid er te Utrecht onderwezen wordt?” [What sort of theology is being taught at Utrecht?] in De Heraut, no. 115, February 22, 1880–no. 118, March 14, 1880. In these articles he criticized Doedes’ methodology as ahistorical. After the publication of the second volume, Kuyper wrote another article in De Heraut, no. 171, April 3, 1881 seeking to demonstrate, from an analysis of his interpretation of the simplicity of God, that Doedes’ interpretation of the confessions as a whole was flawed. Doedes’ provocative rejoinder in Stemmen voor Waarheid en Vrede (December 1881, p. 532), prompted Kuyper immediately to respond with the five-article series in De Heraut reprinted here.

These articles, which sharply criticize Doedes’ presentation of the relationship between God the Father, the trinity, and the creation, were subsequently published with a few adjustments and a slightly altered introduction as a brochure. The point of this edition was to raise a scholarly protest (i.e., “among those who may have considered themselves too scholarly to read De Heraut”) against the danger that Doedes’ book posed to the confession of the triunity of God. Kuyper’s concern about potential revision to the confessional documents of the Dutch Reformed Church was an unspoken motive for the publication of the brochure.