A revised and updated version of
Abraham Kuyper: An Annotated Bibliography 1857-2010 by Tjitze Kuipers (2011)

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D. Francisci Junii opuscula theologica selecta recognovit et praefatus est D. Abr. Kuyperus.
(Bibliotheca Reformata: vol. I.)
Amstelodami, apud Fredericum Muller cum soc. et Joannem Hermanum Kruyt 1882. XX, 494, [2] pp., 23cm.—bd. ƒ7.50.
Run: 1,000.
Published: April 1882.
Preface dated: Amsterdam, January 1882.
Below the impressum are the names of book dealers from six world-class cities committed to the series.
Title of the series and volume number on the half title page: Bibliotheca Reformata. Volumen primum.
Vol. IV, see: 1888.05.
Binding: vellum; blind tooling on covers and spine; gilt decoration on the front cover; lettered in gold on the spine; marbled endpapers; uncut laid paper; binder’s mark, glued to the paste-down, Haarlemsche Bindwerkfabriek.
RKB 73.
ET: Selected minor theological works by Dr. Franciscus Junius, newly revised and provided with a foreword by Dr. Abr. Kuyper.

This is the first volume in the Bibliotheca Reformata series. The volume, which was edited with a foreword by Kuyper, contains an autobiography and bibliography of Franciscus Junius (1545–1602), as well as the following selections from his work: Tractatus de vera theologia; Theses theologicae Leydenses; Theses theologicae Heidelbergenses; De politiae Moysis observatione; and Eirenicum. Kuyper also furnished 1888.05 for the series.

On April 1, 1880 a conference for pastors favorably disposed toward Reformed principles was held at the invitation of several curators and professors at the still-to-be-opened Vrije Universiteit to discuss the curriculum of the new theological faculty. On October 21, 1880, the day after the Vrije Universiteit opened, a second conference for pastors was held, at which time a plea was made for the republication of works by the most important old Reformed theologians, whose books had become rare and difficult to find. The purpose of the theological faculty was indeed both to breathe new life into classical Reformed theology and to bring it into rapport with the spirit of the times. A Society for the Reprinting of Reformed Theological Works was subsequently established and staff members of the Vrije Universiteit produced the editions of the Bibliotheca Reformata in that framework.

The following ten volumes appeared between 1882 and 1896:

  • 1. D. Francisci Junii opuscula theologica selecta, ed. A. Kuyper (1882).
  • 2. Gisberti Voetii tractatus selecti de politica ecclesiastica, series prima, ed. F .L. Rutgers (1885).
  • 3. Gisberti Voetii tractatus selecti de politica ecclesiastica, series secunda, ed. Ph.J. Hoedemaker (1886).
  • 4. D. Gysberti Voetii selectarum disputationum fasciculus, ed. A. Kuyper (1887 [= 1888]), see 1888.05.
  • 5. D. Hieron. Zanchii commentarius in Epistulam sancti Pauli ad Ephesios, pars prior, ed. A.H. de Hartog (1888).
  • 6. D. Hieron. Zanchii commentarius in Epistulam sancti Pauli ad Ephesios, pars altera, ed. A.H. de Hartog (1889).
  • 7–9. Hieremiam Bastingium, Verclaringe op den Catechisme der Christelijcker Religie so die inden Belgischen, oft Nederlantschen Geunieerden Provintien, ende inder Keur-vorstelicker Paltz, in kercken ende scholen gepredict, ende geleert wort, ed. F.L. Rutgers (1893).
  • 10. Willem Amezes, Vijf boeken van de conscientie en haar regt of gevallen, ed. W. Geesink (1896).

The second and subsequent volumes were no longer printed on laid paper and published in vellum bindings, but were sold unbound on ordinary paper. The plan—made public in the initial advertisements for the series as well as in the foreword to the first volume—to publish an entire series of Reformed scholastics was not realized due to a lack of subscribers (ƒ5.- per year).