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Abraham Kuyper: An Annotated Bibliography 1857-2010 by Tjitze Kuipers (2011)

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D. Gysberti Voetii selectarum disputationum fasciculus recognovit et praefatus est D. Abr. Kuyper.
(Bibliotheca Reformata: vol. IV).
Amstelodami, Sumptibus Societatis pro edenda Bibliotheca Reformata, apud Joannem Adamum Wormser 1887 [1888]. XXIII, [1], 376, [1] pp., 22cm.—unbd. ƒ7.50.
Run: 200.
Published: March 1888.
Preface dated: Amsterdam, January 1888.
Bibliotheca Reformata vol. I, see: 1882.07.
RKB 105.
ET: A collection of selected disputations by Dr. Gisbertus Voetius, newly revised and supplied with a foreword by Dr. Abr. Kuyper.

This fourth volume from the series Bibliotheca Reformata (see 1882.07) contains a sheaf (fasciculus) of twelve disputations from the Selectarum Disputationum Theologicarum Partes I–V (1648–1669) of Gisbertus Voetius (1589–1676). Six disputations were reprinted from volume 1 of the original work: De ratione humana in rebus fidei; Quousque sese extendat S. Scripturae auctoritas; De jure et justitia Dei; De necessitate et utilitate dogmatis S.S. Trinitatis; An Christus qua mediator sit adorandus (with appendix); and De propagatione peccati originalis. Four disputations were reprinted from volume 2: Problemata de merito Christi; De persona Christi mediatoris; De statu electorum ante conversionem; and De regeneratione. A single disputation, De sabbatto et festis, was reprinted from volume 3 and another, De lege et euangelio, from volume 4.

The three-page foreword, which like the rest of the book is written in Latin, offers a few remarks about Voetius and his significance for theology (section 1), a brief rationale for the selection of the twelve disputations and for the correction of the printing errors in the original edition (section 2), and finally bibliographic information about the original five volumes (section 3). An index of all the disputations in the original edition—nearly three hundred treatises and approximately four hundred summarily written theses—was included for interested scholars (section 4, pp. VII–XXIII).

The index was compiled by Rev. Chr. Hunningher (1864–1928). See 1922.03, p. 73 of Herinneringen van de oude garde.