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In: De Heraut, no. 258, December 3, 1882.
Dated: Amsterdam, 24 November 1882.
See also: 1929.04 (pp. 59–61).
(RKB 71.)

A letter to J.J. Prins (1814–1898), a professor at Leiden who had sent Kuyper a gift copy of his Apologetische polemiek (Leiden: A.H. Adriani, 1882), a set of four short polemical essays. In the letter, Kuyper laments that his former preceptor has expressed himself so arrogantly about Kuyper’s lecture on biblical criticism (see 1881.05). In that lecture, Kuyper had affirmed the value and significance of the textus receptus of the New Testament, which served as the basis of the Dutch Authorized Version (1637). In an anonymous article published in November 1881 under the title “Zelfbedrog” [Self-deception], Kuyper’s views were rejected as, among other things, “nonsense.” It turned out that Prins had been the author of this criticism, which was published as the second article in the gift copy sent to Kuyper.

In a postscript, Kuyper writes that he is making this letter public because the identity of the author of the 1881 article has now been made public.