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Amsterdam, J.H. Kruyt 1884 (Amsterdam, Koninklijke Nederlandsche Stoomdrukkerij). 24 pp., 24cm.—ƒ0.30.
Run: 800.
Published: March, 1884.
Preface dated: Amsterdam, March 29, 1884.
RKB 81.
ET: The Plancius address

A speech held on behalf of the Dutch Workingmen’s Union “Patrimonium” (see 1880.11). The speech was delivered on March 11, 1884 at the Plancius building in Amsterdam before S.J.P. Kruger, the president of the South African Republic, the Rev. S.J. Du Toit, and General N.J. Smit—the members of the Transvaal deputation (see 1883.07). They had just signed a treaty with England concerning the South African Republic before arriving in the Netherlands. (The London Convention, February 27, 1884, was a revision of the Convention of Pretoria.) The address concluded with the presentation of a special Transvaal flag to the deputation.

In his speech Kuyper emphasizes the strong sympathy in the Netherlands for the struggle of the South African Boers against the English. He explains this sympathy by referring to common kinship and shared historical experiences, both in the past (the Sea Beggars’ struggle against Spanish mastery) and in the present (the opposition to Kuyper and his sympathizers).

The preface reports that this address was not reported accurately by the press (cf. 1884.03 and 1884.04) and therefore gave rise to misunderstanding and protest.

Kuyper wrote the address down from memory in transcript form, reporting the words by which he was introduced as well as the resounding applause that drowned out his words toward the conclusion of the speech.

The Transvaal deputation remained in the Netherlands from February 29 to July 17, 1884.