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In: De Standaard 13 (1884), no. 3694, April 1, 1884.
Dated: Amsterdam, March 29, 1884.
2nd letter, see: 1884.04.
(RKB 81.)

A letter that accompanied the gift copy of 1884.02 presented to Prof. Dr. P. Harting. Harting had written to a Dutchman who was living in England and acting as a correspondent of the Dutch South African Association (see 1882.10) that the Plancius address had aroused widespread astonishment and indignation and that the Calvinist faction formed no part of the civilized Dutch nation. This commentary appeared in the English press, where it reinforced the negative impression of the Plancius address given by a reporter from the Times.

Kuyper concludes his request for rectification by announcing that he will publish this letter because Harting’s commentary had also been made public.