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Het dreigend conflict. Memorie van de gevolmachtigde commissie uit den Amsterdamschen Kerkeraad, ter voorlichting der gemeente in zake de attesten, voor de commissie gesteld door Dr. A. Kuyper.
Amsterdam, J.H. Kruyt 1886 (Amsterdam, Koninklijke Nederlandsche Stoomdrukkerij). 83, [1] pp., 24cm.—ƒ0.45.
Published: January 1886.
Dated: Amsterdam, December 23, 1885.
Signed by: C.A. Renier, chair and N.A. de Gaay Fortman, secretary.
2nd printing published: January 1886.
RKB 86.
ET: The imminent conflict. Memorandum of the authorized commission from the Amsterdam Consistory, to inform the congregation in the matter of the the attestations, recorded for the commission by Dr. A. Kuyper.

In sixteen sections, Kuyper chronicles the events leading up to the refusal of certain elders in the Amsterdam congregation to attend confirmations conducted by modernist pastors. He summarizes the objections of these elders to the consistory’s practice of simply issuing certifications without investigating the doctrinal understanding and moral conduct of the confirmands (cf. 1872.06). These sections are followed by sixteen ecclesiastical documents dealing with the issue, which are numbered I–XVI and which date from 1885.

Confirmation had become the responsibility of pastors in 1879. An elder simply had to be present. The consistory was also required to furnish a certificate, if requested, attesting to the moral character of the candidate for confirmation. This publication was produced by a commission charged with investigating the process of certifying the soundness of the belief and conduct of confirmands in the Consistory of Amsterdam, which constituted the commission on March 5, 1885. The commission was expanded at the December 3, 1885 meeting of the consistory to include an additional two pastors and four elders, among them Kuyper. The commission received a wide-ranging mandate to counsel the congregation about the state of affairs and to take measures such as contacting other Dutch Reformed congregations in the Netherlands if they deemed such a step necessary. The charge to the commission also included advising the consistory about the decision of the General Synodical Commission (records 10 and 11) to furnish the certifications of moral conduct requested by the modernists within six weeks. Record 16 is the report of the authorized commission (dated Amsterdam, December 29, 1885).

A second (unaltered) printing was published less than two weeks after the first. Two small parts of section 7 and section 15 appeared separately as an offprint (see 1886.26).