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[Letter to the editor.]
In: Algemeen Handelsblad 59 (1886), no. 17878, September 18, 1886.
Dated: September 17, 1886.

This letter to the editor addresses a newspaper report concerning the events described in 1886.15. According to the newspaper report, Kuyper left the synod hearing because he refused to answer the questions the synod wanted to ask before making known his procedural objections. In this letter, Kuyper lets it be known that he had wanted to have his procedural questions addressed first because he was challenging the synod’s competence to hold a hearing and to question defendants at this stage in the proceedings. The press report had given the impression that Kuyper had made the hearing impossible while precisely the opposite had been the case. It would have been an absurdity, Kuyper concludes, to have explained why the synod had no right to question him after he’d already been questioned.

The same letter with the same date was sent to De Amsterdammer, Dagblad voor Nederland and published in no. 1320, September 19/20, 1886. The letter was also published—with the date September 18, 1886—in De Banier 13 (1886), no. 76, September 22, 1886 (n.v.), from which it was reprinted in De Bazuin 34 (1886), no. 39, September 23, 1886. The letter is also reprinted as appendix 3 in 1886.17.