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Abraham Kuyper: An Annotated Bibliography 1857-2010 by Tjitze Kuipers (2011)

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Dr. Kuyper voor de synode. Een bijdrage tot de kennis van onze synodale organisatie.
Amsterdam, J.A. Wormser 1886. 39 pp., 23cm.—ƒ0.30.
Published: September 1886.
Preface dated: Amsterdam, September 23, 1886.
The title (279 copies) was put up for auction and acquired by J.H. Kok, Kampen, on December 12, 1907.
RKB 91.
ET: Dr. Kuyper before the synod. A contribution to the knowledge of our synodical organization.

According to the preface, Kuyper intended this brochure to clarify an apparent contradiction: on the one hand, the suspended members of the Amsterdam Consistory had complained that no administrative board had been willing to hear their cases but, on the other hand, the suspended members had refused to be heard by the General Synod. After a brief explanation of the course of events, Kuyper offers a ten-page sketch about how the eleven-member synodus contracta received him as the representative of the suspended members on September 16, 1886 in the Willemskerk in The Hague; he also describes the circumstances and the atmosphere of that hearing. On September 24, 1886, this synodus contracta confirmed the sentences of dismissal put forward by the Provincial Church Administration of North Holland on July 1, 1886 (cf. 1886.14, 1886.15, and 1886.25).

Three appendices are attached to the main text: (1) “Antwoord der geschorsten” [Answer of the suspended], in which the summoned members of the consistory state the reasons why they did not wish to be heard by the synod (cf. 1886. 15); (2) (mistakenly numbered 3) “Memorie van Dr. Kuyper” [Memorandum of Dr. Kuyper] (see 1886.15); and (3) “Synodaal bericht” [Synodical report], which contains the letter to the editor of September 17, 1886 (see 1886.16).