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Gereformeerd Kerkelijk Congres. Gang der werkzaamheden.
[S.l., s.n., 1887.] [3] pp., 35cm.
Dated: January 10, 1887.
See also: 1985.02 (pp. 731–733).
Laid paper with watermark and countermark identical to 1884.10 and 1887.03.
ET: Reformed Church Congress. Course of the proceedings.

Program of the Reformed Church Congress. The national congress was convened by the Consistory of the Dutch Reformed Church (doleerende) of Amsterdam and held at the Frascati in Amsterdam from January 11 to January 14, 1887. Its goal was to inform, advise, and encourage office holders and church members who considered it their duty to throw off the yoke of the synodical hierarchy. About 1,500 participants attended the congress.

The program prints the agenda for the four days and then lists the locations in the Frascati where each of the twelve regional sections (analogous to the twelve Dutch Reformed classes) and each of the twelve pragmatic divisions were to meet (for the results see 1887.10). Finally, the program prints fourteen suggestions about how to promote good order during the congress. The piece is signed by Dr. A. Kuyper, chairman, the Rev. P. van Son, vice chairman, Dr. J. Woltjer, secretary, W. Hovy, treasurer, and the eight other members of the organizing committee.