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Stellingen voor de publieke conferentie in zake de hereeniging der Gereformeerden.
[S.l., s.n. 1888.] 31cm., [8] pp.
Printed in single columns.
ET: Propositions for the public conference on the matter of the reunification of the Reformed.

Thirty-one propositions outlining the results of the Kampen conference of November 17–18, 1887 (see 1887.35). The document (UBVU, XW 05157), which was supposed to point the way forward to reunion, was originally intended to be discussed at a public conference with office holders of the Christian Reformed Church and the Dutch Reformed Churches (doleerende). A commission—made up of H. Bavinck, W. van den Bergh, A. Kuyper, M. Noordtzij, F.L. Rutgers, and S. van Velzen—was appointed during the Kampen conference to record its proceedings and formulate its proposals. The names of the first five commission members are printed below the thirty-one propositions. At a continued conference of deputies and lecturers in Amsterdam on February 17, 1888, however, it was decided that a different and more practical interpretation should be given to the upcoming “public conference” for office holders from both sides. A conference took place for the officers of the Christian Reformed Church on April 10, 1888 and for the officers of the dolerende churches on April 12, 1888. The thirty-one propositions were judged to be no longer suitable for pointing out the next steps and were accordingly put aside.

The propositions constitute a striking example of an item that cannot be directly attributed to Kuyper, even though it clearly bears his hallmark. It was his idea to have a commission formulate and record the results of the Kampen Conference. It was also his proposal to make this item the subject of a conference of office holders. He may even have been the editor of this item, as well as its contributor.

In De Heraut, no. 532, March 4, 1888, Kuyper printed these propositions in full. In a brief foreword, he called them a “historic” document and simply printed his name under the theses. The propositions were also included in the Friesche Kerkbode, no. 19, March 10, 1888 and in De Hope 22 (1887/1888), no. 20 (whole number 1112), March 28, 1888 (see 1888.03).