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Quaestio II, VII and XI.
In: Stellingen voor de conferentie van Deputaten van het Synodaal Convent met de H.H. Docenten der Theologische School te Kampen, op 17 November 1887.
Amsterdam, J.A. Wormser 1887, pp. [5]–7, [19]–21 and [27]–28.
Printed: November 1887.
Printed but not published.
See also: 1988.01 (app. C).

Three of twelve talking points composed for a dialogue between six deputies selected by the Synodical Convention (see 1887.24) and the lecturers of the Theological Seminary at Kampen. A number of theses intended to stimulate discussion accompanied every talking point (quaestio). The conference at Kampen marked another step (cf. 1887.28) toward merger between the Dutch Reformed Churches (doleerende) and the Christian Reformed Church.

The three talking points submitted by Kuyper concern the relation between the one invisible church and the various phenomenal forms of the visible church (quaestio II), the question whether there is enough room for an additional Reformed consistory in places where Reformed consistories already exist (quaestio VII), and the reasons why collegialism and congregationalism are impossible frameworks for Reformed church order (quaestio XI). Kuyper’s talking points are accompanied by twenty-eight theses,

After a preparatory conversation among three deputies and three lecturers in Utrecht on October 20, 1887, the dialogues where held in Kampen on November 17 and 18, 1887. Lecturer S. van Velzen, the senior participant, was chairman. The conversations required six sessions over two days. For the results see 1888.01.

The talking points, along with the accompanying theses and the names of their authors, were printed and made available to the participants in the form of a thirty-page booklet. Lecturer D.K. Wielenga submitted an additional thirteen theses to supplement the ten theses he had attached to quaestio IV. Wielenga’s additional theses were printed as a four-page flyer and included along with the booklet.