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[Draft letter.]
[S.l., s.n. 1887.] 28cm.
Printed: August 1887.
Printed but not published.

A draft letter composed at the request of the Synodical Convention (cf. 1887.32, art. 33) for the Dutch Reformed Church (doleerende) seeking to make contact with the Christian Reformed Church in their locality and to broach the topic of a possible merger between the denominations. The letter reports on the resolutions passed by the Synodical Convention (cf. 1887.24) that called for an end to the divisions between Reformed Protestants. (These resolutions were aimed in particular at the Christian Reformed Church.) The letter also conveys the heartfelt conviction of the delegates that the distinctions between their churches do not amount to a real difference between denominations, but to different administrations of what is in essence the same church. The letter points to what the two churches share in past, present, belief, and confession. It also indicates that the two churches should not and cannot join together in a hasty fashion. A spirit of open-mindedness is called and prayed for.

A brief accompanying letter to the consistories of the Dutch Reformed Church (doleerende) was added. It expresses the hope that the draft letter will prove of service to the consistories. The draft letter and the accompanying letter were also printed in De Heraut, no. 506, September 4, 1887.