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[Reports and recommended decisions.]
In: Acta van het Synodaal Convent van Nederduitsche Gereformeerde Kerken (Doleerende) in Nederland. Gehouden te Rotterdam op 28, 29, 30 Juni en 1 Juli 1887.
Amsterdam, J.A. Wormser 1887 (Amsterdam, Koninklijke Nederlandsche Stoomdrukkerij), pp. 18–20, 24–26, 31–32, 38–40, 51.
Published: September 1887.
See also: 1985.02.

The first report of the Synodical Convention was turned in by Kuyper, who had been appointed chairman of the Agenda Commission (see 1887.24) by the Reformed Church Congress (see 1887.01). The report, which accompanied the agenda that the commission submitted, contains additional prescriptions for the maintenance of good order during the sessions, a list of nominees for the position of moderator, an introduction to the advisors for the convention, and a proposal that a commission be appointed for the preparation of press releases (since the proceedings of the convention were officially closed to the public). Kuyper and the Rev. F. Lion Cachet were named to this commission. Seven dispatches, prepared by the Commission of Advisors and covering the full agenda of the convention, were also included in the proceedings (Acta). Four of these dispatches were reported in the synod by Kuyper. Among the issues on the agenda was reunion with the Christian Reformed Church (p. 32). Kuyper was also appointed chairman of the fifteen-member Commission of Advisors.

The prominent role that Kuyper played in the preparation and the proceedings of the Synodical Convention suggests that he had the primary role in conceiving the agenda and formulating the list of recommended decisions [praeadviezen], upon which he reported and to which he signed his name.

The majority of the decisions taken by the Synodical Convention agreed with the list of recommended decisions. The only exception had to do with the name of the denomination. The list of recommended decisions reported on by Kuyper had suggested that the denomination be referred to as the Voorlopig Kerkverband van Gereformeerde Kerken (doleerende) [Provisional Denomination of Reformed Churches (doleerende)]. The convention voted to include the word Nederduitsche [Dutch] in the title as well.

The proceedings were to be published as quickly as possible and sent to the approximately three hundred delegates, advisors, and guests of the Synodical Convention. Gift copies were also sent out.