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“Zal de Vereeniging zich wenden tot de ontkomene kerken, om verband met deze te zoeken voor de Theol. Faculteit?”
In: Achtste jaarverslag van de Vereeniging voor Hooger Onderwijs op Gereformeerden Grondslag.
Amsterdam, Bureel (Keizersgracht 162) 1888 (Amsterdam, Koninklijke Nederlandsche Stoomdrukkerij), pp. XXII–XXIV.
Published: May 1888.
ET: “Shall the association turn to the churches that have escaped in order to seek relationship with them for the theological faculty?”

Introductory remarks delivered during the annual meeting of the Association for Higher Education on Reformed Principles, held at Zwolle on June 21, 1888. The ecclesiastical events of 1886 raised the question whether the association should seek a formal connection with the Dutch Reformed Churches (doleerende). Kuyper begins his reply by arguing that higher education does not arise from the church, but from the government or free citizens. The theological faculty should, however, have some connection to the church in principle and practice. This had not been possible when the Vrije Universiteit was founded in 1880, but it has become a possibility due to the conflict in the church.

Kuyper goes on to state that, while the Theologische School at Kampen belongs entirely under synodical oversight because its purpose is to fight heresy and train pastors, a theological faculty at a university has a different character. Such a faculty must be engaged not only with the arts and sciences, but also with the churches, since its professors are also ministers of the Word. The connection between the faculty and the church, however, should not be restricted only to the dolerende churches; rather, it should extend to all Reformed churches. An official connection with all the Reformed churches will have to wait until a combined synod of the Reformed churches takes place. If such a synod does not take place, then separate deliberations with every denomination can be pursued. Kuyper concludes that such deliberations presently would be premature. See also 1890.07.