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In: Tiende Jaarverslag van de Vereeniging voor Hooger Onderwijs op Gereformeerden Grondslag.
Amsterdam, Bureel (Keizersgracht 162) 1890 (Amsterdam, Koninklijke Nederlandsche Stoomdrukkerij), pp. XXIII–XXVI.
Published: June 1890.

Report of a brief introduction to the matter of finding proper church relations for the faculty of theology. This introduction was delivered at the ninth annual meeting of the Association for Higher Education on Reformed Principles at Dordrecht on June 29, 1889.

The introduction begins by proposing a resolution. Kuyper proposes that, given the nature of a faculty of theology and also the developments among church groups that are returning to the old confession and the old church order, the time has come to request cooperation between the synods of the Christian Reformed Church and of the Dutch Reformed Churches. He asks whether the synods: (1) would like to provide counsel about the appointments, suspensions, and dismissals of professors in the faculty of theology; (2) would be willing to provide sound advice about theological education, if requested; and (3) would like to make known their observations about the instruction being provided, if they saw reason to do so.

In his commentary Kuyper contends that the theological faculty has to teach in accordance with the confession and that it therefore must have a relationship with the church that embraces that confession. For it is through the mediation of the Holy Spirit working in the church that the confession has come into being. The relationship in question must be sought with all Reformed churches because the Holy Spirit does not work exclusively in any particular group. The resolution was approved. See for earlier deliberation 1888.08.