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[Concluding words.]
In: Acta der tweede Voorloopige Synode van Nederduitsche Gereformeerde Kerken, gehouden te Leeuwarden in 1890.
Amsterdam, J.A. Wormser 1890, p. 95.
Published: December 1890.
See also: 1985.02, p. 317.

A report on the concluding remarks at the Second Provisional Synod of the Dutch Reformed Churches, which took place in Leeuwarden on June 24–27, 1890. As the chairman of the synod Kuyper concluded the four sessions with a word of thanks and a warning that the Doleantie should steer clear, on the one hand, of separatism and, on the other, of the absolute, “Romanist” concept of the church. Kuyper ended his talk by calling upon the delegates to put their trust in God, since they had been driven into this ecclesiastical conflict not by calculations of risk, but by the Holy Spirit (art. 94, p. 95).