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Locus de creaturis. C. Locus de homine. College-dictaat van onderscheidene studenten.
[Amsterdam, J.A. Wormser 1891 (Roeloffzen & Hubner).] 133 pp., 22cm.
Run: 300.
On title page and cover: Niet in den handel. Exemplaar no. … afgegeven aan den Heer ….
Foldout (33/41cm.): inserted between pp. 80 and pp. 81.
Printed but not published.
Part A–B, see: 1891.19; 1891.20.
2nd edition, see: 1911.20.
Loci, see: 1891.18.
Binding, see: 1891.18.
RKB 163.
ET: Locus about creatures. C. Locus about humanity. Lecture notes by several students.

Student notes from dogmatic lectures given at the Vrije Universiteit in 1884/1885 on humanity in light of God’s will and purpose. Only the first and the fourteenth section begin with a paragraph in Latin.

The notes are printed in italics (see 1891.18). The phrase college-dictaat van onderscheidene studenten (dogmatiek) [lecture notes from several students (dogmatics)] is printed at the top of every numbered page. The edition likely became available to students in February or March 1891.