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Patroonsvereeniging. Open Schrijven van het bestuur der Patroons-vereeniging aan de Christelijke patroons in Nederland.
Amsterdam, Höveker & Zoon (1892). 15, (1) pp. + subscription form, 25cm.
Dated: February 22, 1892.
See also: 1916.13.
(RKB III, p. [469], no. 2.)
ET: Employers’ association. Open letter from the governors of the Employers’ Association to the Christian employers in the Netherlands.

A circular letter sent to Christian employers in the Netherlands with the purpose of recruiting membership in an employers’ association. During its third general session on April 10, 1891, the Social Congress (see 1891.14) accepted the conclusion of section 2, which called for the creation of an association of employers. The nearly three hundred employers who gathered during the congress at its invitation decided after that session to establish precisely such an association. This decision was put into effect on January 18, 1892 when, under Kuyper’s leadership, the Association of Dutch Employers was established. Rather soon the association’s name was enlarged by the addition “Boaz.” The association’s structure was changed in 1918 (see 1918.06).

The circular letter was not sent until the official minutes of the congress were ready to be published (see 1892.10). This allowed those receiving the recruitment letter to learn more about the origin of the association by reading the report of its proposed establishment in the minutes. The circular letter was signed by all the members of the (provisional) board of the association, but it was composed by Kuyper (see 1916.13).

The statutes of the association (pp. [11]–15) were also included as were the eleven basic principles formulated by the Social Congress. A separately printed enrollment form for membership in the Association of Dutch Employers (14cm.) was also included.