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De cholera.
(“Filippus,” no. 184.)
[S.l.], Gereformeerd Traktaatgenootschap “Filippus” 1892 (Breukelen, J. den Boer). 4 pp., 19cm.—ƒ0.01, 100 copies ƒ0.60, 250 copies ƒ1.40, 500 copies ƒ2.70, 1000 copies ƒ5.00.
Published: November 1892.
“Filippus,” no. 354, see: 1904.21.
ET: Cholera.

An informative tract about cholera that emphasizes the importance of hygiene and also makes reference to several biblical notions. The tract states that the cholera epidemic in Hamburg, which claimed thousands of lives, was the consequence of the political failure of the civil authorities there. Cholera had returned to the Netherlands in 1892 after a nearly twenty-five year absence. De Standaard reported on the cholera epidemic nearly every day for months starting in July 1892.

The text of this tract was reprinted, with the addition of clarifying comments about the words “predisposition” and “quarantine,” from De Heraut, no. 770, September 25, 1892. According to the report of the sixteenth General Meeting of the Reformed Tract Society “Filippus” (est. 1878), there was also a second printing of this tract. Although the tracts of the Filippus Society were frequently reprinted and distributed for many years, this tract no longer appeared on its publication list after 1893. The eradication of the cholera epidemic might be the reason.

For the Reformed Tract Society “Filippus,” cf. 1904.21 and 1979.03.