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Onderdanig in de vreeze Gods.
(“Filippus,” no. 354).
[Utrecht,] 1904 (Breukelen, P. Mobach). 4 pp., 20cm.—ƒ0.01; 100 copies ƒ0.60; 250 copies ƒ1.40; 500 copies ƒ2.70; 1000 copies ƒ5.00.
Published: September 1904.
See also: 1979.03.
“Filippus,” no. 184, see: 1892.24.
ET: Humble in the fear of God.

A short tract adapted from a meditation on Ephesians 5:21, originally published in De Heraut, no. 1318, April 5, 1903. The text was left unchanged apart from the addition of a few details and the switch from present to past tense in passages dealing with the railroad strikes of 1903 (see 1903.04).

The Reformed Tract Society “Filippus” (founded in 1878) published this tract in the category “socialism.” The tract was only reprinted once, probably because the subject was topical for a brief period (as was the case with, for example, 1892.24). Filippus twice republished articles by Kuyper as tracts.