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Locus de consummatione saeculi. College-dictaat van een der studenten.
[Amsterdam, A. Fernhout 1892.] 327, [1] pp., 22cm.
Run: 300.
On title page and cover: Niet in den handel. Exemplaar no. … afgegeven aan den Heer ….
Printed but not published.
2nd edition, see: 1913.03.
Loci, see: 1891.18.
Binding, see: 1891.18.
RKB 163.
ET: Locus about the consummation of the ages. Lecture notes from one of the students.

Student notes from the dogmatic lectures delivered at the Vrije Universiteit in 1890/ 1891 on eschatology—or, as Kuyper preferred to call the locus, “the consummation of the ages.” In these lectures he deals with, among other things, the condition of the dead before the return of Christ, the signs of the time, the second coming, the last judgment, the consummation of the ages, and heaven and hell.

The phrase college-dictaat van een der studenten (dogmatiek) [lecture notes from one of the students (dogmatics)] is printed at the top of every numbered page. Only the first page of each quire (sixteen pages) is printed in italics. For information about the typesetting, see 1891.18 and 1891.24.

The correction of the printer’s proofs was probably carried out by two students of theology, H.C. van den Brink (1866–1947) and J. Koning (1866–1906), who were both enrolled at the Vrije Universiteit in 1887. The printed lecture notes were probably made available to students in April/May 1892.