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Gereformeerde Jongelingsvereenigingen.
In: Ter herinnering aan den Bondsdag te Amsterdam. Hemelvaartsdag 1893. Bijdragen tot de kennis van wezen, doel en streven van de Gereformeerde Jongelingsvereeniging in Nederland. Uitgegeven door den Nederlandschen Bond van Jongelingsvereenigingen op Gereformeerden Grondslag. Met medewerking van de Heeren: Ds. P. Biesterveld, Dr. A.G. Honig, F. Kortlang JEz. en N. Oosterbaan.
Rotterdam, A. ter Weeme 1893, p [2].
Published: October 1893.
See also: 1914.10; 1928.07.
ET: Reformed young men’s associations.

A brief contribution with some ideas and proposals about how best to develop young men’s associations. It was written as a retrospective concerning Federation Day, the annual national meeting of the Dutch Federation of Young Men’s Associations on Reformed Principles (established in 1888), which was held that year in Amsterdam on Ascension Day, May 11, 1893.

Kuyper’s contribution in this pamphlet, published as a memorial to the Amsterdam Federation Day, was reprinted from an article in De Heraut, no. 804, May 21, 1893 and was printed on the back side of the title page. The article had already been reprinted, with Kuyper’s consent, in the Gereformeerd Jongelingsblad 4 (1892/1893), no. 17, June 1, 1893.