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In de schaduwe des doods. Meditatiën voor de krankenkamer en bij het sterfbed.
Amsterdam, J.A. Wormser 1893. XI, [1], 291 pp., 20cm.—unbd. ƒ1.90, bd. ƒ2.40.
Run: 2,200.
Published: November 1893.
Preface dated: Amsterdam, June 28, 1893.
Preface, see also: 1940.03 (pp. 59–60).
On the title page: Al ging ik ook in een dal der schaduwe des doods, ik zou geen kwaad vrezen. Ps. 23:4.
Cheap edition, see: 1898.16.
Translation (English), see: 1929.15.
Binding: full cloth; cream colored; beveled edges; blind tooled boards; title in black stamping on the spine; title and illustration (a sunset and stars over the waves) left blank in the black stamped front cover; colored endpapers.
RKB 131.
ET: In the shadow of death. Meditations for the sick room and at the deathbed.

Fifty devotions about sickness and death. In the preface Kuyper takes note of the lack of reading material for Calvinists who want to meditate on such themes. He then lets his readers know (p. VI) that this series had been carried to completion “from experience of my own soul” after the death of his nearly ten-year-old son, Levinus Willem Christiaan (†July 27, 1892, named after L.W.C. Keuchenius [see 1893.09]). The meditation on Psalm 77:4, entitled “Sleepless Nights” (for German translation, see 1897.09), was published in De Heraut, no. 762, July 31, 1892, only a few days after the death of his youngest son. Two weeks later the meditation on Psalm 103:15, entitled “Like a Flower of the Field” (see 1940.03, pp. 60–63), was published in De Heraut, no. 764, August 14, 1892.

The preface refers to the title as In de vallei der schaduwe des doods [In the valley of the shadow of death]. The fifty devotions are reprinted from De Heraut, but are not arranged in the chronological order of their appearance. All but six of the devotions were originally published in 1892. The earliest devotion (number XXVIII in this volume) is reprinted from De Heraut, no. 198, October 9, 1881 and the most recent (number XIII) from De Heraut, no. 788, January 29, 1893.