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Openingswoord ter Deputatenvergadering, 29 April 1897.
[S.l., s.n. 1897.] 16 pp., 25cm.
Printed: April 1897.
Cover title.
Printed but not published.
Free edition.
See also: 1951.01.
RKB 140.
ET: Opening remarks at the Meeting of Deputies, April 29, 1897.

An untitled address delivered at the opening of the thirteenth Meeting of Deputies of the Anti-Revolutionary Electoral Associations, held in Utrecht on April 29, 1897. The address was not intended as a speech, but as an introduction to the agenda of the meeting.

Delivered against the background of the new electoral law (see 1896.06) and with an eye toward the upcoming elections on June 15, 1897, Kuyper’s address draws attention first and foremost to the “social question,” which he mentions in connection with the first point and its ten specifications in the draft for the Program of Action, and in connection with the first appendix to the draft (see 1897.04). He then makes several remarks about the situation of the party with respect to the “distancing brothers” (see 1894.04 and 1896.16). Finally, he gives a brief sketch of the relation between the Anti-Revolutionary Party and other Dutch political parties. Right at the beginning of his concluding paragraph, Kuyper says that he wants to keep silent about the one “who is poaching game with the ecclesiastical carbine”—a remark directed against the Rev. A.W. Bronsveld, one of the leading figures of the Christian Historical Electoral Federation (est. 1896), which was also participating in the elections.

The meeting was attended by a record-setting 1,306 deputies. The address was printed with a simple design and made available the day it was delivered. It was not, however, sold publicly. The text was also published in De Standaard, no. 7715, April 30, 1897.