A revised and updated version of
Abraham Kuyper: An Annotated Bibliography 1857-2010 by Tjitze Kuipers (2011)

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The South-African crisis. Reprinted from the Revue des deux Mondes for February 1900. Translated and prefaced by A.E. Fletcher.
First edition.
London, Stop the War Committee [1900] (Amsterdam (Holland), Roeloffzen-Hübner & Van Santen). IV, 81 pp., 23cm.
Run: 20,000.
Published: May 1900.
Dated: Amsterdam, January 15, 1900.
Introduction (by the translator) dated: Great Holland near Colchester, May 25, 1900.
Translation of: 1900.03.
Also (partial) included in: 1998.03.
2nd–17th (at least) printing also published in: 1900.
2nd–3rd, 5th–13th, and 15th printing: n.v.

On April 27, 1900, the board of directors of the Dutch Association of Journalists was given an audience by Queen Wilhelmina. On that occasion she expressed her desire that the article on the South African crisis in Revue des deux Mondes (1900.03) be widely circulated abroad. After Kuyper reported that an English and German translation would soon be published, the queen added that she considered it particularly important for the article to be distributed in the United States (cf. Algemeen Handelsblad, no. 22608, April 27, 1900).

According to a report published in De Standaard, no. 8646, May 29, 1900 about the annual meeting of the Dutch South African Association (established in 1881), 10,000 copies of the first printing of this English edition were sent to the United States and 5,000 to England. The Utrecht section of the Dutch South African Association controlled the authorial rights to this English edition, which was printed in the Netherlands (cf. De Standaard, no. 8675, July 3, 1900). The Utrecht section also took charge of distributing the edition in England and the United States. The printings remained unchanged as far as has been determined. In the intro- duction the translator presents Kuyper to the reader with a brief sketch of his responsibilities and talents. The translator, A.E. Fletcher (1841–1915), also shares that he has undertaken the translation at Kuyper’s request.