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Inleidend woord op de nieuwe uitgave.—Tweede uitgave.
In: Verklaring der Nederlandsche Geloofsbelijdenis van Ds. A. Rotterdam. Op nieuw uitgegeven, en bij ons kerkelijk publiek ingeleid door Dr. A. Kuyper.
[Tweede uitgave.]
Rotterdam, Gebroeders Huge 1900 (Leiden, Stoomdruk Eduard IJdo), pp. [V]– XVI.
Published: September 1900.
Introduction dated: Amsterdam, June 15, 1890.
Note to the 2nd edition dated: Amsterdam, July 1, 1900.
2nd edition of: 1890.11.
Next edition, see: 1914.18.
ET: Introductory remark to this new edition. Second edition.

For the introductory remark to the new edition, see 1890.11. In this second edition with new typesetting, Kuyper adds a brief reflection (in the note to the second edition) on confession, which he calls “the key to knowledge” against any falsely pious form of sectarianism (pp. [XV]–XVI). According to Kuyper, the confessions seal the bond between real piety and the truth. He therefore considers it a hopeful sign that a second edition of Rotterdam’s commentary on the Belgic Confession is being published.