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De gemeene gratie. Tweede deel. Het leerstellig gedeelte.
Amsterdam/Pretoria, Boekhandel voorheen Höveker & Wormser 1903 ([Leiden, D. Donner]). [4], 685, [3] pp., 25cm.—complete set (= 3 vols.): premium copy unbd.ƒ9.-, trade edition unbd. ƒ17.70.
Run: 3,000.
Published: September 1903.
On top of the title page (not in the trade part of the edition): Premie-Exemplaar.
Vol. 1, 3, see: 1902.13; 1905.08; 1905.21.
2nd edition, see: 1922.02.
Translation (partial; English), see: 1998.03; 2019{.01}
Binding, see: 1905.08.
RKB 161.
ET: Common grace. Second volume. The doctrinal part.

The second volume of the three-volume work De gemeene gratie contains ninety-one chapters devoted to a theological and doctrinal analysis of common grace. The chapters were first published as an article series in De Heraut, no. 1005, March 28, 1897–no. 1139, October 22, 1899. Titles have been added to each article. As usual, the original series of weekly articles had been interrupted only by biblical-theological studies on major church holidays and meditations during the summer holidays.

When Kuyper visited the United States in the autumn of 1898 (see 1898.07), he continued writing the series during his stay. An article written during this period (appearing in De Heraut, no. 1090, November 13, 1898) has a long quote in English dated Grand Rapids, October 26, 1898. In De Heraut the fifth article was mistakenly numbered as VI. This edition corrects the error, with the consequence that article numbers from De Heraut do not correspond to chapter numbers in this volume.