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Run: 3.650.
Published: May 1918.
See also: 1951.01.
Part of the print run: oversized, laid paper cover (26.5cm.).
RKB 220.
ET: What now? Opening speech at the Meeting of Deputies, held in Utrecht on May 2, 1918.

A speech delivered to the twenty-first Meeting of Deputies of the Federation of Anti-Revolutionary Electoral Associations, which took place in the lead-up to the general elections of June 1918. The title draws attention to a basic question: With the long struggle for freedom of schooling about to end in legislative victory, what should the central policy aim of the Anti-Revolutionary Party become? In the speech Kuyper touches on issues such as women’s suffrage, anarchy in Russia, the Great War and its aftermath (both abroad and in the Netherlands), and divisions within Anti-Revolutionary circles. He concludes that the party must now focus on finding a solution to the social problem. In a certain sense, this speech constituted Kuyper’s political testament.

Due to a throat ailment, Kuyper could neither chair the meeting (he had this responsibility as chairman of the Central Committee of Anti-Revolutionary Electoral Associations) nor deliver this opening speech. As a result, A.W.F. Idenburg (1861–1935), elected during this meeting as the second chairman of the Central Committee, read the speech on his behalf. The speech was available in print on the day it was delivered.