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[Letter of resignation.]
In: Verslag van de Handelingen der Staten-Generaal. Zitting van 21 September 1920–17 September 1921. Verslag van de handelingen van de Eerste Kamer der Staten-Generaal gedurende het zittingjaar 1920–1921.
’s Gravenhage, Algemeene Landsdrukkerij 1921, p. 4.
Dated: ’s Gravenhage, Kanaalstraat 5, September 20, 1920.
See also: 1921.01.

Kuyper was no longer capable of writing due to failing health, so he dictated his letter of resignation from the First Chamber to his daughter J.H. Kuyper (cf. 1917.03). He cited a decline in strength as his reason for resignation. He asked that the clerk of the First Chamber to whom he addressed the letter notify the chairman of his resignation with words of gratitude for all the benefits he had received from the First Chamber and from members of Parliament. Johanna H. Kuyper signed the letter. Formally, however, the letter of resignation had to be signed by Kuyper himself. This was settled by an obliging clerk after Kuyper placed his signature under an addendum to the letter on September 21, 1920 (see 1921.01, facsimile facing p. 88, 1987.03, facsimile on p. 337, and 1949.01). This item was also included in De Standaard, 49 (1920/1921), no. 14858, September 22, 1920.

In a response to Kuyper’s letter of resignation, J.J.G. van Voorst tot Voorst (1846–1931), chairman of the First Chamber, offered a brief eulogy during the September 21 session. His eulogy started with the following words: “The history of this country is so closely bound up with this great figure that the historian who records the last sixty years of our chronology will have to make an earnest and lengthy study to give him his due.”