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[Outline of a circular letter.—Poem.]
In: Let Christ Be King. Reflections on the Life and Times of Abraham Kuyper. [By] L. Praamsma.
Jordan Station, Ontario, Canada, Paideia Press 1985, pp. 63, 172.
Poem, translation from: 1897.16.
(ISBN: 0-88815-064-4.)

A personal memorandum (KA 118) written on May 14, 1869, is printed on page 63. The memorandum lists talking points for a confidential circular letter about the desirability of a new Christian National newspaper (see 1869.12). An extra stimulus for this initiative was the revocation of the newspaper stamp tax. Remarkably, “education” is listed as the first point without any additional clarification. The social question is then expressly indicated as a regular issue for the paper. The paper would thus have to make visible the connection between social problems and government agency. As a final point, Kuyper notes that the paper would have to show that only a constitution that rests upon the law of nature and the Word of God can satisfy the necessities of life.

An English translation of the poem from 1897.16 is printed on page 172 (see 2001.09 for another English translation).