A revised and updated version of
Abraham Kuyper: An Annotated Bibliography 1857-2010 by Tjitze Kuipers (2011)

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In: Groen van Prinsterer. Schriftelijke Nalatenschap. Zevende deel. Briefwisseling. Zesde deel. 1869–1876. Bewerkt door J.L. van Essen. (Rijks Geschiedkundige Publicatiën. Grote serie: 219.)
’s-Gravenhage, Instituut voor Nederlandse Geschiedenis 1992.
Preceding volume (RGP 175), see: 1980.01.
Preprint of the correspondence between Kuyper and Groen van Prinsterer, see: 1937.01.
(ISBN: 90-5216-033-3.)

This volume of the RGP contains more than 450 letters exchanged between Kuyper and Groen van Prinsterer from July 2, 1869 to March 30, 1876. Nearly 200 letters (dated Utrecht, July 6, 1869–Nice, February 24, 1876) are from Kuyper. Three short letters to Mrs. E.M.M. Groen van Prinsterer-van der Hoop (1804–1879) are also included.

A letter (dated May 12, 1870) to the Central Committee of the Union for Christian National Primary Education is included as the third appendix (pp. 725–726). This letter makes policy suggestions about the matter mentioned in 1870.11. Kuyper’s memorandum about conditions for his acceptance of a seat in Parliament, which he sent to Groen van Prinsterer on February 4, 1874 (see 1929.02), is included as the ninth appendix. Finally, a “Program van algemeene grondwetherziening” [Program for a general constitutional amendment] (dated July 1874), which includes Kuyper’s proposed strategy for reaching that goal and was preserved in a copy sent to Groen van Prinsterer, is reprinted here as the tenth appendix.