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Een zeer ernstig geschil, [I]–X.
In: De Heraut 21 (1870), no. 11, March 18, 1870; no. 13, April 1, 1870–no. 16, April 22, 1870; no. 18, May 6, 1870–no. 21, May 27, 1870.
De Heraut, see: 1869.16.
ET: A very serious dispute.

A series of nine articles (for the first article, see 1870.14) on a serious, fundamental dispute between members of the Union for Christian National Primary Education and a faction that resigned from membership. The dispute erupted over the adjectives misdadig [criminal], which Dr. D. Chantepie de la Saussaye was said to have used in public (see 1870.09) and daemonisch [demonic], which Dr. N. Beets (1814–1903) uttered at the inaugural meeting of the School League (cf. 1869.26). Both adjectives had been used to describe the position held by Kuyper, who had advised to comply with the governmental proposal by scrapping the word “Christian” in Article 23 of the Educational Law. According to Kuyper (in the meeting of the School League on October 27, 1969), the reigning concept of the state was satanisch [satanic] in any case (cf. 1869.27). See also 1992.01, appendix 3, pages 725–726.

The second article was misprinted (no. 13, April 1, 1870) and republished preceding the third article. The numbering of the articles is disordered. Article V was not numbered and this was corrected by jumping from article VI to article VIII. The final article was numbered X instead of IX.