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Repliek aan de N. Rotterdammer.
In: De Heraut 21 (1870), no. 12, March 25, 1870.
Dated: Utrecht, March 28, 1870.
De Heraut, see: 1869.16.
ET: Reply to the N. Rotterdammer.

Reply to the Nieuwe Rotterdamsche Courant (NRC), a prominent liberal daily, on a purported difference of opinion between Groen van Prinsterer and Kuyper. The NRC (no. 78, March 19, 1870) had commented on the first article from 1870.11, which dealt with the serious dispute among the members of the Union for Christian National Primary Education (CNS). The NRC indicated that Kuyper had contradicted Groen van Prinsterer with his article. Indeed, Groen had told the CNS in June 1869 that “independence has been regained, unanimity is now observed.” With a hardly concealed tone of triumph, the NRC concluded by asking, “How can the liberals be asked to present a proposal to overcome the grievances and objections of CNS?”