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Vergadering van het Schoolverbond te Utrecht. I–III.
In: De Heraut 20 (1869), no. 44, October 29, 1869–no. 46, November 12, 1869.
Dated: Utrecht, October 27, 1869–Utrecht, November 9, 1869.
Also included in: 1870.01.
De Heraut, see: 1869.16.
(RKB 21.)
ET: The meeting of the School League in Utrecht: I–III.

A report (I), explanation (II), and response to a press commentary (III) about the inaugural meeting of the School League, held in Utrecht on October 27, 1869, at a time when more than 100,000 children in the Netherlands (population in 1869: 3,580,000) received no primary education. The meeting was intended to organize communally against this circumstance, which according to prevailing opinion was an enormous failure of the Dutch school system. The Utrecht Auxiliary Association of the Union for Christian National Primary Education had previously considered the situation internally (cf. 1869.33). These deliberations led Kuyper to submit the following amendment to the School League’s mission statement: “Total freedom of school choice shall precede the introduction of mandatory schooling.” Christian parents would otherwise be required to send their children to a public school if there was no Christian school in the surrounding area. Without a guarantee of genuinely free school choice, conscientious objectors could be jailed for their non-compliance. The amendment was rejected. Since participation in the School League was now akin to promoting the abolition of the freedom of conscience, Kuyper and his supporters walked out of the meeting (cf. 1869.33).