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Verklaring van Nahuys.
In: De Heraut 20 (1869), no. 46, November 12, 1869.
Also included in: 1870.01.
De Heraut, see: 1869.16.
ET: Nahuys’ declaration.

A short comment on the statement, printed in De Heraut, no. 46, November 12, 1869, by the Rev. Th.H. Nahuys (1836–1915) about the commotion at the meeting of the School League (see 1869.27) and why he did not leave the meeting in protest as Kuyper and others had. In an editorial note after the commentary, Kuyper asks why Nahuys did not attend the meeting of the Auxiliary Association of the Union for Christian National Primary Education, which had been held on October 26, 1869 at Utrecht. The piece concludes with a brief request to the “papers that oppose us” not to leave anything out when reprinting Nahuys’ declaration. The request reflects concern that Nahuys’ decision not to walk out of the meeting had been wrongly construed.