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Zestal leerredenen.
Amsterdam, B.H. Blankenberg Jr. 1869 (Amsterdam, H. de Hoogh). [4], 167, [1] pp., 19cm.—ƒ1.50.
Published: January 1869.
Next edition, see: 1871.13.
Also included in: 1880.01, 1913.15.
Tweede zestal leerredenen, see: 1870.31.
RKB 12.
ET: Six sermons.

Six sermons delivered in 1868 at Utrecht:

  • 1. “Nabij God te zijn” [To be near to God] (Ps. 73:28a)
  • 2. “Bedestond op den Hervormingsdag” [Supplication on Reformation Day] (Dan. 9:18)
  • 3. “Christus, de bron van zedelijke kracht” [Christ, the source of moral strength] (John 15:5)
  • 4. “Schuldbesef” [Consciousness of guilt] (Ps. 19:13)
  • 5. “De vloek der verstandsrichting” [The curse of the rationalists] (Eph. 3:14–19)
  • 6. “Maria bij het kruis” [Mary at the cross] (John 19:26–27a)

According to a publisher’s advertisement, the first copies were already available toward the end of December 1868.

Schuldbesef” was also published in De Gids, a Christian weekly printed in Grand Rapids, and subsequently issued as an offprint (see 1898.25). For “De vloek der verstandsrichting,” retitled and adapted to contemporary Dutch, see 2007.02.