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Abraham Kuyper: An Annotated Bibliography 1857-2010 by Tjitze Kuipers (2011)

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Twaalftal leerredenen. (Eerste en tweede zestal.)
Tweede druk.
Amsterdam, B.H. Blankenberg Jr. [1880]. [2], 271, [1] pp., 20cm.—unbd. ƒ1.50, bd. ƒ1.90.
Published: January 1880.
Preface dated: January 22, 1880.
Published in parts.
1st part, see: 1879.08.
New edition of: 1871.13 and 1870.31.
Also included in: 1913.15.
Binding: full cloth; lettered in gold on the spine; gold tooling on the front cover; blind tooling on the back cover; colored endpapers.
The title (518 copies) was put up for auction and acquired by Gebr. Koster, Amsterdam, on August 11, 1882. On August 11/12, 1886 the title was auctioned again and acquired by J.C. van Schenk Brill, Doesburg. On June 5, 1890, the title was acquired by J.A. Wormser, Amsterdam.
ET: A dozen sermons. (First and second half-dozen.)

The first six of these twelve sermons represent the third edition of 1869.01 and the second six represent the second edition of 1870.31. According to the publisher, the two prior collections had been sold out for two years. Both series from the Twaalftal leerredenen were also sold separately (ƒ0.85 each).

Kuyper made it clear in the foreword, which was apparently pasted in after the printing of the collection (or after publication, because in some copies it is lacking), that he was not happy with this edition. He disliked it not simply because the twelve sermons did not form a comprehensive whole and had been published without his foreknowledge, but above all because the sermons had been written early in his career and he could no longer take responsibility in every respect for the viewpoints expressed in them.