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[Draft platform of the Christian Historical members of Parliament.—Cover letter.]
[Amsterdam, (J.H. Kruyt) 1874.] [3] pp. 34cm.
Printed: October 1874.
Draft platform: bifolium; single columns on three unnumbered pages.
See also: 1937.01 (pp. 323–325), 1992.01 (pp. 742–743).
Cover letter, dated: October 16, 1874.
Cover letter: broadsheet, 28cm.

Draft platform for members of Parliament sympathetic to the Anti-Revolutionary movement. Kuyper first discussed this platform with the parliamentarians I.L. Cremer van den Berch van Heemstede (1811–1879), J. Messchert van Vollenhoven (1812–1881), J.W. van Loon (1816–1876), and J.Ph.J.A. van Zuylen van Nijevelt (1819–1894). The draft was adopted with only a few changes.

A printed version of the revised draft platform—along with a cover letter signed by Kuyper and the aforementioned members of Parliament—was sent to the members of the Second Chamber of the States General who were taking part in a conference about the Christian Historical movement. The cover letter invites the recipients to Kuyper’s home in The Hague for a “definite settlement” of the draft. After discussing the revised draft platform, the majority of the Christian Historical members of Parliament were disinclined to sign on, which frustrated the first step toward tightening their association and forming a political party. For the next step toward the creation of a political party, see 1878.01.

A copy of the cover letter and the two drafts of the platform have been preserved in the archives of Groen van Prinsterer (NA, inv. no. 112).