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[Political program.]
[S.l., s.n. 1878.] [4] pp., 34cm.
Dated: January 1, 1878.
Bifolium: single columns.

A draft of the programmatic platform of the Anti-Revolutionaries with eighteen articles and a short introduction (cf. 1929.02). In the same file of the Kuyper Archives is also preserved a copy with the same date and signature, but in 24cm. format (KA 235), as well as a draft dated November 6, 1877 (see 2008.02, p. 115, a facsimile of the first page). For an earlier draft program, see 1874.07.

In view of the elections of 1877, two electoral associations had asked that an electoral program be drawn up. The Anti-Revolutionary Central Committee (see 1878.02) took the initiative. Kuyper wrote the draft (cf. 1937.08), which was subsequently presented to a wide circle of experts. It was signed on behalf of the committee by A. Kuyper, chair, J.A. Wormser, secretary, and E.W. Heyblom, treasurer. This draft was then forwarded with a letter (dated Amsterdam, January 7, 1878) to the electoral associations so that they could familiarize themselves with its contents. The electoral associations were asked to report before March 1, 1878 as to whether this political platform had their approval.

The program was also printed in De Standaard, no. 1776, January 8, 1878. It was possible by the end of January to order the draft program from J.A. Wormser by postal check (50 copies for ƒ1.-).

When Kuyper dealt with the program systematically in De Standaard (see 1879. 04), he added articles on justice, public decency, and hygiene. This programmatic platform, which had grown to twenty-one articles, was made official by the meeting of deputies (the meeting of the delegates of electoral associations across the entire country) in Utrecht on April 3, 1879. By agreeing to the programmatic platform, the electoral associations organized formally as the Federation of Anti-Revolutionary Electoral Associations. The platform remained unchanged until 1916 (see 1916.07).