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Concept-Reglement voor het Centraal Comité van Anti-revolutionaire Kiesvereenigingen.
[S.l., s.n. 1878.] [4] pp., 35cm.
Dated: January 7, 1878.
Bifolium: single columns.
ET: Draft statutes for the Central Committee of Anti-Revolutionary Electoral Associations.

Draft statutes bearing the same signatures (KA 235) as 1878.01. A provisional Anti-Revolutionary Central Committee had been formed in 1873. However, with the death of Groen van Prinsterer on May 19, 1876, the Anti-Revolutionaries, robbed of their political leader, began to feel a desire for greater unity. Kuyper thought it expedient to turn the provisional committee into a permanent political organization in order to promote a common front during the periodic election cycles. These draft regulations formed the basis of the new political organization.

The primary duties of the Central Committee of Anti-Revolutionary Electoral Associations were to call together delegates from the electoral associations for the meeting of deputies, to moderate these meetings, and to act as its executive committee. Kuyper was the chairman of the committee from April 3, 1879 to November 25, 1918 (see 1918.14), apart from the period from September 5, 1904 to October 17, 1907.

The draft statutes (with a few changes) were eventually adopted as the bylaws of the Anti-Revolutionary Party at the meeting of deputies on April 3, 1879. The Anti-Revolutionary Party was formally established with the adoption of the programmatic platform (see 1878.01) and these bylaws.