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[Parliamentary speeches.]
In: Verslag van de handelingen der Staten-Generaal. Zitting van 21 September 1874–18 September 1875. Bijblad tot de Nederlandsche Staats-courant. Verslag der handelingen van de Tweede Kamer der Staten-Generaal, gedurende het zittingjaar 1874–1875.
’s Gravenhage, Algemeene Landsdrukkerij 1875, pp. 127–131, 136–137, 343–347, 371–372, 374, 488–493, 514–516, 624–629, 633–634, 733–734.
Published in parts.
Not included in 1890.06: 374, 633–634.

Various speeches delivered in Parliament in 1874. On November 11, 1874 Kuyper addressed the 1875 budget for the Dutch Indies and spoke about the responsibility of the Dutch state with respect to the Dutch East Indies, Islam, missionary activity, and education (pp. 127–131, 136–137). On November 28, 1874, during deliberations about Chapter IV of the national budget of 1875, he delivered a speech that addressed legislation concerning the mentally ill, the legal position of the Dutch Reformed Church, and the question of whether a codification of labor law was desirable (pp. 343–347). On December 7 and 8, 1874, during deliberations about Chapter V of the national budget (see 1875.05, part I), he gave two speeches on primary education in particular and the education question in general (pp. 488–493, 514–516). On December 15, 1874, during a debate about Chapter VII (the Treasury Department), he gave three speeches concerning the policy of the Department of Worship with respect to worship services, the granting of salaries to pastors, and the relation between church and state (pp. 624–625). A reply and a rejoinder followed on the same day (pp. 625–629). Kuyper then spoke about the legal inequality arising from the fact that one denomination received salaries, subsidies, and grants from the state while the other denominations did not. Although the Anti-Revolutionaries stood in principle for the separation of church and state, he appealed for the possibility of providing temporary subsidies to Christian Reformed churches (see 1875.01). The principle of legal equality would therefore be satisfied and, in his view, the separation of church and state would only come about more quickly (pp. 633–634). Kuyper addressed the 1875 budget for the Dutch Indies again in a speech he delivered on December 19, 1874 about the “Aceh question” and about whether the country still remained in a state of war with Aceh (pp. 733–734).