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In: De Standaard 12 (1883), no. 3450, June 18, 1883.
Dated: June 15, 1883.

Letter from the Advisory Committee of the Central Committee of Anti-Revolutionary Electoral Associations (see 1878.02) to the Roman Catholic A.H.M. van Berckel (1847–1915) and the liberal A.E.J. Modderman (1838–1885). After the elections for the Second Chamber of the States General on June 12, 1883, a run-off election was required in the primary electoral district of Delft. The Anti-Revolutionary candidate had dropped out and this letter put three questions to the two remaining candidates, Van Berckel and Modderman. The advisory committee planned to use the candidates’ answers to recommend a candidate for the second ballot on June 26, 1883 (cf. 1886.10 and also the letter signed by Kuyper and D.P.D. Fabius in De Standaard, no. 5753, December 18, 1890, where the same policy was followed).

The committee recommended Van Berckel. Modderman, who had recently resigned as minister of justice, had answered that he did not wish to take part in a “comparative exam” in the context of the elections.