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In: De Standaard 15 (1886), no. 4298, March 20, 1886.
Dated: March 19, 1886.

Letter written in the name of the Central Committee of Anti-Revolutionary Electoral Associations (see 1878.02) to two liberal candidates running for office in the primary electoral district of Assen. The Anti-Revolutionary candidate, M.A. de Savornin Lohman (1832–1899), had dropped out of the race for the Second Chamber during the interim between the first and second ballots. The run-off election was thus contested by two liberal candidates. As it had done in 1883.04, the committee put several written questions to the candidates, this time having to do with suffrage and education. On the basis of the responses, the committee expressed its preference for one of the candidates, who was subsequently elected on March 30, 1886.

The author and date of this letter were derived from one of the two letters (published in De Standaard, no. 4301, March 24, 1886) that the Central Committee received in response to its inquiry.