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Abraham Kuyper: An Annotated Bibliography 1857-2010 by Tjitze Kuipers (2011)

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Uit het Woord. Stichtelijke bijbelstudiën. Tweede serie. Eerste bundel. Dat de genade particulier is.
Amsterdam, J.H. Kruyt 1884 (Arnhem, G.J. Thieme). VII, [1], 453 pp., 21cm.—unbd. ƒ3.40, bd. ƒ3.90, price for subscription to the entire series ƒ2.90.
Run: 1,000.
Published: October 1884.
Published in parts.
Vol. 2–3, see: 1885.04; 1886.24.
1st series, see: 1875.10; 1875.11; 1879.01.
Cheap edition, see: 1898.05.
Translation (English), see: 2001.07.
Binding, see: 1875.10, binding II.
RKB 82.
ET: From the Word. Devotional Bible studies. Second series. First volume. That grace is particular.

The first volume of a second series of biblical-theological studies, each chapter of which sets out from a brief biblical citation on the subject of particular grace. The series of articles in this volume began appearing in De Heraut about four months after the establishment of The Association for Higher Education on Reformed Principles (see 1878.10) and came to a conclusion about four months before the opening of the Vrije Universiteit (cf. 1880.09). In the final article (pp. 447ff.) Kuyper lets it be known that he has written this series on particular grace not only to promote the restoration of the Reformed character of the Dutch Reformed Church but also to encourage the supporters of a free university. For additional background concerning the publication of this collection, see 1883.03. For the continuation of this theological line of argument, see 1902.13.

This first volume of the second series was published in four parts. The first appeared in May, the second and third in August, and the fourth in October 1884. The four parts were originally published in De Heraut as five separately titled series of numbered articles. The title of this volume was derived from the original title of the first series of biblical studies as it appeared in De Heraut. The titles of the original first two series were replaced with new titles. The title of the fifth series from De Heraut was also left off so that the articles included under that title could be consolidated with the articles from the fourth series. Subtitles were added to all the numbered sections in this collected edition.

Part 1. Geen Christus pro omnibus [No “Christ for all”], taken from De Heraut, no. 71, April 20, 1879–no. 76, May 25, 1879; no. 78, June 8, 1879–no. 79, June 15, 1879; and no. 88, August 17, 1879–no. 89, August 24, 1879.
Part 2. Getoetst aan de uitkomsten [Tested against the results], taken from De Heraut, no. 90, August 31, 1879–no. 98, October 26, 1879.
Part 3. De ondoorgrondelijke barmhartigheden [The unfathomable mercies], taken from De Heraut, no. 99, November 2, 1879–no. 100, November 9, 1879; no. 106, December 21, 1879; and no. 109, January 11, 1880–no. 113, February 8, 1880.
Part 4. Schijnbare strijd [An apparent conflict], taken from De Heraut, no. 114, February 15, 1880–no. 118, March 14, 1880; no. 122, April 11, 1880–no. 124, April 25, 1880; no. 126, May 9, 1880; and no. 128, May 23, 1880–no. 131, June 13, 1880.