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Abraham Kuyper: An Annotated Bibliography 1857-2010 by Tjitze Kuipers (2011)

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Uit het Woord. Stichtelijke bijbelstudiën. Tweede serie. Tweede bundel. De leer der verbonden.
Amsterdam, J.H. Kruyt (Arnhem, G.J. Thieme) 1885. VIII, 408 pp., 21cm.—unbd. ƒ3.40, bd. ƒ3.90.
Run: 800.
Published: March 1885.
Published in parts.
Vol. 1, 3, see: 1884.09; 1886.24.
1st series, see: 1875.10; 1875.11; 1879.01.
Cheap edition, see: 1898.19.
Binding, see: 1875.10, binding II.
RKB 83.
ET: From the Word. Devotional Bible studies. Second series. Second volume. The doctrine of the covenant.

The second collection of the second series of biblical-theological studies, each chapter of which sets out from a brief biblical citation on the doctrine of the covenant. Kuyper held that the doctrine of the covenant had been neglected both in the Dutch Reformed Church and at the theological academies. He wrote this series to expound upon this unjustly neglected doctrine and to complement his previous series on particular grace.

The second volume of the second series was published in five installments between January and the beginning of March 1885. Subtitles were added to all the numbered sections in this collected edition.

Part 1. Het verbond des Heeren [The covenant of the Lord], taken from De Heraut, no. 142, August 29, 1880–no. 147, October 3, 1880.
Part 2. De leer van het verbond [The doctrine of the covenant], taken from De Heraut, no. 152, November 12, 1880–no. 156, December 19, 1880.
Part 3. Het verbond der werken [The covenant of works], taken from De Heraut, no. 161, January 23, 1881–no. 172, April 10, 1881; and no. 176, May 8, 1881.
Part 4. Het verbond der genade [The covenant of grace], taken from De Heraut, no. 177, May 15, 1881–no. 179, May 29, 1881; and no. 181, June 12, 1881–no. 184, July 3, 1881.
Part 5. De genooten van het verbond [The partners of the covenant], taken from De Heraut, no. 193, September 4, 1881–no. 200, October 23, 1881 (see also 1904.03).

The title of the fifth installment in De HerautBekeerden en onbekeerden [The converted and the unconverted] (see also 1904.03)—was changed to De genooten van het verbond [The partners of the covenant] in this collection. Finally, an appendix entitled “Een zegel des verbonds” [A seal of the covenant] was added to the fifth installment. The appendix contains a set of four previously unpublished articles about the baptismal formula of Matthew 28:1: “De letterlijke bewoording” [The literal wording]; “Pelagius of Augustinus” [Pelagius or Augustine]; “De volheid der Openbaring” [The fullness of revelation]; and “Het ingaan in het verbond” [The entrance into the covenant].