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Abraham Kuyper: An Annotated Bibliography 1857-2010 by Tjitze Kuipers (2011)

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De vleeschwording des Woords.
Amsterdam, J.A. Wormser 1887. LVI, 235, [1] pp., 20cm.—unbd. ƒ1.90, bd. ƒ2.40.
Run: 2,000.
Published: November 1887.
Introduction dated: Amsterdam, September 20, 1887.
Translation (German), see: 1903.16.
Binding: full cloth; stamped spine and front cover; lettered in gold on spine and front cover; blind tooling on the back cover; beveled edges; part of the bindings: decorated endpapers.
RKB 102.
ET: The incarnation of the Word.

In this study of the incarnation, Kuyper devotes a great deal of attention to the ideas of the Rev. H.F. Kohlbrugge (1803–1875) and the neo-Kohlbruggians, Prof. E. Böhl (1836–1903) and the Rev. J. Fr. Bula (1828–1893). The latter was a Swiss pastor who in 1855 had been an assistant pastor with Kohlbrugge in Elberfeld and who had written a book titled Die Versöhnung des Menschen durch Christum oder die Genugthuung [The reconciliation of humanity through Christ or The satisfaction] (Basel: Felix Schneider’s Buchhandlung, 1874).

The extensive introduction was largely composed of three articles from De Heraut, no. 491, May 22, 1887 [partially reprinted]–no. 493, June 5, 1887. Kuyper included these articles in the introduction to provide his readers with a broader understanding of his disagreement with Bula and Böhl, which flared up over Böhl’s assertion in his newly published Dogmatik (Amsterdam/Leipzig/Basel: Scheffer & Co., 1887) that Adam’s guilt was imputed not only to us but to Christ as well. Kuyper contended that our redemption is left unsettled if Christ suffered for his own guilt. The key to our reconciliation with God lies in the inequality between Christ and us at just this point.

Böhl responded to the critique with Zur Abwehr. Etliche Bemerkungen gegen Professor Dr. A. Kuyper’s Einleitung zu seiner Schrift: “Die Incarnation des Wortes.” (“De vleeschwording des Woords.”) (Amsterdam, 1888). A Dutch translation of Böhl’s response appeared in the same year.

The twenty-three chapters of Kuyper’s work correspond to the twenty-three articles published under the title De vleeschwording van het Woord in De Heraut, no. 263, January 7, 1883–no. 273, March 18, 1883; no. 275, April 1, 1883–no. 279, April 29, 1883; and no. 282, May 20, 1883–no. 288, July 1, 1883. Subtitles were added to the collected articles. Chapters 12–18 deal with the question that the introduction had already treated at length. Kuyper’s original intention was to have these biblical-theological studies reprinted in Het werk van de Heilige Geest [The work of the Holy Spirit] (see 1888.09). He later decided that the broad scope of this article series about the incarnation would disturb the harmony of that work and that it would be better to publish this series independently (cf. De Heraut, no. 515, November 6, 1887).