A revised and updated version of
Abraham Kuyper: An Annotated Bibliography 1857-2010 by Tjitze Kuipers (2011)

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Die Fleischwerdung des Worts, von Dr. A. Kuyper. Vom Verfasser autorisierte Übersetzung nebst Vorwort von N.M. Steffens, D.D.
Dubuque, IA, Western Publishing Co. 1903. VIII, 218 pp., 21cm.—unbd. $0.55, bd. $0.85.
Published: October 1903.
Translation (German) of: 1887.34.
Translated by: N.M. Steffens.
Preface by the translator (pp. [III]–VII), dated: Dubuque, Iowa, August 1903.
Binding: quarter calf; lettered in gold on the spine; cardboard covers; illustrated front cover with decorative border; decorated endpapers.
ET: The incarnation of the Word. Translation authorized by the author together with a preface by N.M. Steffens, D.D.

In an additional preface, the translator Nicholas M. Steffens (1839–1912) writes that neo-Kohlbruggianism (then known as the deutsche Lehre) had brought commotion to Reformed and Presbyterian churches and that its effects could still be felt. He thinks it good that the voice of “a great man” can be heard in this controversy. Steffens also refers to Kuyper’s edifying works with much appreciation. He believes that they ought to be translated into German and English, indicating that he might be prepared to set about this task himself.

Born in Emden (Germany), Steffens studied theology at the Theologische School in Kampen (Holland), became a minister of the Reformed Churches in Bentheim and East Friesland (Germany) and emigrated to the United States in 1872. There, after serving a few congregations, Steffens twice served as professor—at Western Theological Seminary in Holland, Michigan and at the Presbyterian Seminary in Dubuque, Iowa. Steffens was known for his knowledge of and proficiency in foreign languages. It is striking that in the preface to his translation he wrote frankly about two English translations of Kuyper’s work (1898.12 and 1900.19), complaining they were translated in a verstümmelte weise [clumsy way]. Steffens also worked on the translation of Kuyper’s Stone Lectures (see 1898.15).