A revised and updated version of
Abraham Kuyper: An Annotated Bibliography 1857-2010 by Tjitze Kuipers (2011)

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The work of the Holy Spirit. Translated from the Dutch with explanatory notes by Henri De Vries. With an introduction by Benjamin B. Warfield.
New York/London, Funk & Wagnalls Company 1900. XXXIX, [1], 664 pp., 23cm.—$3.
Published: June 1900.
Preface dated: Amsterdam, April 10, 1888.
Postscript for American readers dated: Amsterdam, April 21, 1899.
Explanatory notes to the American edition, by the translator, dated: Peekskill, N.Y., January 27, 1900.
Introductory note by B.B. Warfield dated: Princeton Theological Seminary, April 23, 1900.
Translation of: 1888.09; 1888.14; 1889.11.
Title edition, see: 1904.34.
2nd edition reprinted, see: 1941.03.
Abridged edition, see: SA.07.
Translations, see: 1998.06 (Korean), 2010.05 (Portuguese).
Binding: full cloth; lettered in gold on the spine (three volumes in one binding, continuous pagination).

In a “postscript for American readers,” Kuyper briefly explains that his polemic against Methodism is definitely not intended as a criticism of Methodist churches, but of the over-accentuation of the subjective standpoint in Dutch Protestant churches. In Kuyper’s view this kind of subjectivism leads to a low form of ecclesiology, from which no sustainable Protestant Christian worldview can be constructed.

The translator, Henri De Vries (1847–1932), describes the origin of the book in his explanatory note, where he also provides a sketch of the author’s life and work. De Vries worked with a free hand in his translation, commenting toward the conclusion of his explanatory notes that he had adapted some material to “local conditions” and “current theological discussions” since Kuyper had been “overwhelmed with work” and had declared himself “fully satisfied with the translation so far as he had seen it.” Like his brother J. Hendrik De Vries (also an authorized Kuyper translator—see 1892.05), Henri De Vries, a pastor of the Reformed Church in Peekskill, New York, was born in the Netherlands. The process of his translation can be followed in eight letters written to Kuyper between 1894 and 1900 (KA 127–130). A royalty statement from November 1, 1900, attached to a letter to Kuyper dated December 4, 1900, indicates that 575 copies had been sold since June.

His translation is preceded by a substantial introductory note by B.B. Warfield. After giving a brief overview of other writings by Kuyper that have been translated into English, Warfield expresses his hope that this translation will constitute the next step in the process that “will gradually make all his message ours.” He then provides an outline of theological studies on the Holy Spirit and places Kuyper’s comprehensive book in relation to this field of study. The note concludes by sketching the development of the doctrine of the Holy Spirit—a development that he finally traces back as a gift from Calvin to the church.

A concise, chronologically ordered list of approximately one hundred of Kuyper’s writings (with English translations in parentheses) follows. This list was never updated in subsequent editions and was finally omitted from 1995.01 and later editions.